Rick Warren To Put Saddleback Church On a Diet: Part II

Yesterday, I merely scratched the surface of Dr. Amen's three part lecture at Saddleback Church, as well as reported the follow-up interview he gave for Pastor Rick Warren. As I mentioned previously, I am merely an Orange County Photographer in Rancho Santa Margarita,  but someone who has take great interest in not only the well being of my family, but the jewels of wisdom Dr. Aman has to offer. Below, as promised, is more of the substance. Regardless, the information is limited to bullet points, and in no way reflects the essence of the Dr. Amen's discussion or breath of knowledge. For that, I strongly suggest logging on to his website, and ordering his books. 

Following are Dr. Amen's Ten Keys to becoming thinner, smarter and happier:

1. Boost Your Brain to Avoid the Dinosaur Syndrome
Dr. Daniel Amen
    • big body with small head
    • who wants to look like a dinosaur...?
    • the fatter you are, the smaller your brain - no duh

2. Focus on Your Motivation for Getting Healthy - Every Day
    • for me, this is all about not wanting to be a burden for others as I age and wanting to be active and present for my grandchildren
    • whatever motivates you, paint this picture in you mind

3. It's Not Magic - it's Mathematics (count calories)
    • men typically consume 2200 calories
    • women typically consume 1800 calories
    • cut 500 calories a day to lose weight!
    • all calories are not equal - think quality calories

4. Journaling Prevents Calorie Amnesia
    • write down what you eat and you'll see how the fat is being added
    • also write down four (4) things for which you are grateful  

5. Strengthen Brain to Decrease Cravings
    • eat a balanced breakfast - every day
    • optimize vitamin D (and get more sun)
    • boost omega 3
    • kill sugar, artificial sweeteners, soda drinks
      - sugar consumption is linked to myriads of diseases...

6. Use Food to Heal Your Mind
    • you'll be thinner, smarter and happier (not to mention sexier)
    • fat decreases brain size
    • eat from the rainbow (foods with color are good for you)
    • at restaurants, always ask for the nutrition guide
    • read labels on all food products
    • cook with herbs and spices
    • not everything in moderation is good: NO SUGAR - it's killing you
Change Your Brain - Dr. Amen

7. Know Your Brain Type
    • 1. compulsive overeater
    • 2. impulsive overeater
    • 3. compulsive-impulsive overeater
    • 4. sad-emotional overeater
    • 5. anxious overeater

8.Targeted Supplements to Boost Brain and Body
    • take a multiple vitamin every day
    • fish oil for Omega 3 fatty acids
    • vitamin D (or exposure your body to the sun more)

9.Tools to End Emotional Overeating
    • meditation
    • kill the ANTs (automatic negative thoughts)
    • don't eat to overcome sadness or emotional issues
    • disconnect from emotional traumas

10. Influence Others to be Thinner, Smarter and Happier

As I mentioned previously, I have been applying Dr. Amen's prescriptions to my own life, along with my wife, Kari, and we have seen remarkable results. Since then, we have also been doing our part to be faithful to Dr. Amen's last point: influencing others. Please feel free to share my blog with others and help influence the special people in your life to be thinner, smarter and happier.




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