Radiation Disaster? See What's Really Going On and Stop Worrying

Considering the the "explosion" at the Fukushima #3 Reactor has sustained an earthquake seven times what it was designed for, it would appear that things are going much better than we could have anticipated. But why don't we hear about this from our "trusted" media?
To read the details why we can stop worrying about a radiation disaster in Japan, please take a little time are read for yourself.  

What you will learn is that the "explosion" shown in the video below, is nothing more than the first line of defense (i.e. the shell of the nuclear station to keep weather out but nothing in), be shredded by steam, which was allowed to escape into the shell in order release pressure. 

You also learn about the other containment defenses which are working as designed, as well as the worst-cast scenario, which was avoided.

©Googtoon - the photographic and personal observations of Orange County Photographer, Mark Jordan