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Courageous - Fatherhood on Steroids
While attending a Saddleback Church men's retreat a few months back, one of the optional evening activities was to catch a pre-release viewing of the soon to be released film, Courageous. Being labeled as the movie addict in my social circles (I make time to watch around a dozen a week), I do my best to catch a good portion of new releases, and of any genre. However, when I comes to "Christian themed" movies, if I go, I do so begrudgingly. Courageous was no exception.


Courageous, at its essence, is about fatherhood. The film centers around the lives of five men, four of which are policemen. The dads are the typical, garden-variety type, with varying degrees of competency at managing their respective roles as father, husband, and Christian. Regardless, all have one trait in common: none are particularly ignited by their faith.

What propels the story is a tragedy in the life of Adam Mitchell, which forces him to ask profound questions regarding his relationships - primarily with his God and son. This leads to a discovery that not only changes Adam's life, but just about every man I spoke with after our evening's preview. 

Mind you, our version of Courageous did not include the music sound track. The film was still in production phase. I can only imagine how more poignant Courageous will show in its final edit. The tears I saw squeaking down the cheeks of men will most surely turn to buckets... 

Before you more stoic men get overly anxious about stirring up emotion, let me assure you the film is neither corny or overt. You'll only get out of it what you are willing to allow exposure to whatever areas in your life might need illumination. Being somewhat an emotional Orange County photographer, I was an open book... 

Though I recommend Courageous for every man, it is especially relevant to those who have children and desire to be the best dad possible. 

I've attached one of the movie trailers below to give you a glimpse. However, I've noticed that none of the trailers contain the one element I loved about Courageous: humor. This film is funny - I'm talking lough-out-load funny! Why they've chosen to conceal one of the strongest reasons to see Courageous is a mystery to me. Sure, it a serious film with a life-altering message. Regardless, I guarantee you're going to enjoy the journey along the way. 

All things considered, Orange County Photographer, Mark Jordan, gives Courageous a resounding 5 Lens Review:

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