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Apples's new iPhone 5 is almost here! They're quick to boast the new iPhone 5 is "So much more than before. And so much less, too." The new design is remarkably slim that still makes room for a larger display and a faster chip. "Ultrafast wireless that doesn’t sacrifice battery life." The all-new headphones are reportedly designed to "sound great and fit comfortably." Apple tells us that "So much went into this iPhone. So you could get even more out of it."

It's too early to learn much about the actual performance of the new iPhone 5, but I wanted to get as much information to you as was available. As it turns out, the most complete is source is Apple's website. You can jump over to Apple or enjoy the information I was able to extract from them.

Regardless of what appears to be a fabulous new iPhone, I advise taking it all with a grain of salt. From what I can gather from tech-heads, the substance of iPhone 5 appears to be more of a matter of a grand upgrade as opposed to revolutionary new device. The "So much more than before" part of the marketing equation seems to be true, but so does "And so much less, too." However, the less will possibly not be experienced exactly the way as Apple intended. We'll see.

On a personal note, I was so excited about the very first iPhone in 2007 that I flew to San Francisco to attend MacWorld to hear Steve Job's introduction of it. It wasn't but a few weeks afterward that I was one of a dozen winners (out of several million entrants) to receive an iPhone from Rush Limbaugh. How this came about is a story all it's own (and can be had for the asking).
Jobs: Who wants a stylus? Introduction to Apple's new device, iPhone.
It's not that this first version iPhone did not perform as I had hoped but rather the carrier could not cover Rancho Santa Margarita. Subsequently, I simply could not use it. As owner of Mark Jordan Photography, clients not being able to contact me just before a family portrait or a beach family portrait became problematic. I eventually jumped ship in favor of an HTC. This was decidedly a mistake. The HTC is a nightmare in the area of user friendly - as in it is not. My contract is up in October...iPhone 5 here I come!

All New Design

Thin, sleek, and very capable. When Apple envisioned the new iPhone, they landed on a remarkably thin and light design. But it’s nearly impossible to make a device so thin and so light without sacrificing features or performance.

Apple could have taken the easy way out and designed something more reasonable and less remarkable. But Apple didn’t. If the technology didn’t exist, Apple invented it. If a component wasn’t small enough, Apple re-imagined it. If convention was standing in the way, Apple left it behind. The result is iPhone 5: the thinnest, lightest, fastest iPhone ever.

iPhone 5 is just 7.6 millimeters thin. To make that happen, Apple engineers had to think small, component by component. They created a nano-SIM card, which is 44 percent smaller than a micro-SIM. They also developed a unique cellular solution for iPhone 5. The conventional approach to building LTE into a world phone uses two chips — one for voice, one for data. On iPhone 5, both are on a single chip. The intelligent, reversible Lightning connector is 80 percent smaller than the 30-pin connector. The 8MP iSight camera has even more features — like panorama and dynamic low-light mode — yet it’s 20% smaller. And the new A6 chip is up to 2x faster than the A5 chip but 22% smaller. Even with so much inside, iPhone 5 is 20% lighter and 18% thinner than iPhone 4S.

Making a thinner, lighter iPhone meant even the display had to be thinner. Apple engineers accomplished that by creating the first Retina display with integrated touch technology. Which means instead of a separate layer of touch electrodes between display pixels, the pixels do double duty - acting as touch-sensing electrodes while displaying the image at the same time. With one less layer between you and what you see on iPhone 5, you experience more clarity than ever before. All on a display that’s 30% thinner than before.

Never before has this degree of fit and finish been applied to a phone. Take the glass inlays on the back of iPhone 5, for instance. During manufacturing, each iPhone 5 aluminum housing is photographed by two high-powered 29MP cameras. A machine then examines the images and compares them against 725 unique inlays to find the most precise match for every single iPhone.

Look at iPhone 5 and you can’t help but notice the exquisite chamfer surrounding the display. A crystalline diamond cuts this beveled edge. It’s what gives iPhone 5 its distinctive lines. Fitting for a phone so brilliant.

Precision-Matched Inlays
During the assembly process, each iPhone 5 aluminum housing is photographed by two high-powered 29MP cameras. A machine then compares the images with 725 uniquely cut inlays to find a precise match.

Sapphire Crystal
Although the surface of the iSight camera is as clear as glass, it’s not made of glass. It’s actually sapphire crystal, whose hardness is second only to diamond on the scale of transparent materials. That means the surface of the lens is far less likely to scratch.

Diamond-Cut Beveled Edge
A crystalline diamond is used to cut the chamfers of iPhone 5. This process gives the beveled edge its beautiful sheen.

It’s not easy to create earbud-style headphones that not only feel good in your ears, but also sit securely in your ears. That’s because everyone’s ears are different. Using optical scans combined with silicone molding, Apple designers created 3D models of various ear types to find a common shape across many different people. That shape led to the unique look of the new Apple EarPods. Unlike traditional circular earbuds, their design is defined by the geometry of the ear. Which makes them more comfortable for more people than any other earbud-style headphones.

They’re more stable and durable, too. Apple engineers asked more than 600 people to test over 100 iterations of the Apple EarPods. Testers ran on treadmills in extreme heat and extreme cold. They performed various cardio workouts. They were even asked to shake their heads side to side, up and down. The result: Apple EarPods provide stronger protection from sweat and water, and they’re remarkably stable in the ear. Which means they stay in, even when you’re on the go.

Environmentally Friendly
How a product looks and performs matters, but so does its impact on the environment. That’s why nearly every Apple product is made from highly recyclable materials like aluminum, and why we refuse to use harmful toxins in our components.

Every iPhone starting with iPhone 3GS is free of brominated flame retardants (BFRs) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). That includes our newest iPhone — iPhone 5. In fact, Apple has one of the strictest BFR-free and PVC-free standards in the industry. And we expect the same from our suppliers. We go so far as to disassemble our products into individual components and materials in our Cupertino lab. Then we test them using many methods, including X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and ion chromatography. We do this to ensure that every product we release meets our environmental standards.

Brilliant 4-Inch Retina Display

More display means more to see. Anyone can make a larger smartphone display. But if you go large for large’s sake, you end up with a phone that feels oversize, awkward, and hard to use. iPhone 5 features a 4-inch display designed the right way: it’s bigger, but it’s the same width as iPhone 4S. So everything you’ve always done with one hand - typing on the keyboard, for instance - you can still do with one hand. On a larger canvas that lets you see more of every web page. More of your inbox. More events on your calendar. Even more apps on your Home screen.

It’s more vibrant, too. This isn’t just a larger display. It’s a larger Retina display. At 326 pixels per inch, it has a pixel density so high your eye can’t distinguish individual pixels. And as stunning as the Retina display is on the iPhone 4S, this one gives you 18 percent more pixels for an impressive 1136-by-640 resolution. Colors get a boost, too, with color saturation that’s 44 percent greater than before. So with iPhone 5, the games you play, the words you read, the images you see, and the apps you love look and feel incredibly vivid and lifelike. For big-time entertainment, iPhone 5 lets you watch widescreen HD video in all its glory — without letterboxing.

Ultrafast Wireless

LTE. The right way. 
You rely on your iPhone. So a thin, light design and outstanding battery life are important to you. But so is a fast data connection. LTE wireless technology is built for speed, but adding it to a phone can create bulk and drain battery life quickly. iPhone 5 does LTE the right way — optimized for better battery life and designed for ultrafast connectivity in a thin profile. The very things you want most from your smartphone.2

Next-generation cellular and wireless connectivity.
iPhone 5 supports more networks all over the world. That includes advanced networks such as HSPA, HSPA+, and DC-HSDPA. Browse, download, and stream content at ultrafast speeds. Dual-band 802.11n wireless connectivity accelerates your Wi-Fi experience, too — up to 150 Mbps.3

Powerful A6 Chip

Faster CPU performance.

With the new A6 chip, just about everything you do on iPhone 5 is noticeably faster — up to twice as fast compared with the A5 chip. So apps launch, web pages load, and email attachments appear almost instantly.

Faster graphics.
The A6 chip also offers graphics performance that’s up to twice as fast as the A5. So you can power through graphics-intensive apps and games. And enjoy higher frame rates for smoother, more realistic gameplay.

Even better battery life.
Not only is the A6 chip custom designed to be fast, it’s custom designed to work with iOS 6 to be extremely power efficient. So even at its accelerated speed, iPhone 5 has more than enough battery power to last throughout the day — up to 8 hours of browsing on a cellular connection, up to 8 hours of talk time, and up to 10 hours of video playback time.

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