A Few Errors Spellcheck Missed

The following letter of apology was written to a long time client to Mark Jordan Photography, Francis, in response to a confusing email I wrote, as a consequence of relying on spellcheck. Enjoy? Oh, I've added the Key/Answers below, just in case... (and by request).


High France's,

Owe buoy - ewe sleigh me! This is sow bazaar - its knot hour stile yew no. Grate - who nose what led too this currant over cite? Its intents! 

Eye new it wood oh cur sum day - eye guest it two. Aye did knot no aye mist it! Eye red it butt it seams ay sleight miss steak was weigh over dew. Chute! 

It's the won instants eye can wreck collect wear eye was cot at that Kraus rode ware spell Czech phails two ketch hour laps and stere wright hour blue per. Wares my hoarse cents? Mite eye ad, it makes know cents at awl. Wee fined that win it reins it pores! It can bee sew vary, vary crewel. This hertz ewe no - weir inn pane! Sow sari, butt aye don't mints words.

Aisle altar hour ayre write eh whey and chews "When doughs" this thyme. Yule sea weave maid yore change inn Anne our oar sew (ore it mite bee inn eh phew daze, baste awn weather oar knot eye halve the thyme).

Thank yew four yore aide, fare council, and patients. Weave bin wade and found wonting. Weed bee plum off coarse without ewe. Halve know fear, wheel he'll inn thyme - may bee inn eh weak ore sew. Yore assistants and correspondents is sow vary deer too us - wee scents you're presents. Weir awn you're sighed to. 

Wants moor, wee arr sow intents lee sari. 

Buy fore now. Wee oh yew won. 

pea ess - eye did ewes spell Czech hear eh knew and too my grate sir prize, know foe paws! Knot won! Nun!! Few!



Hi Francis, 

Oh Boy - you slay me! This is so bizarre - it's not our style you know. Great - who knows what lead to this current oversight? It's intense!

You knew it wold occur someday - I guessed it too. I did not know I missed it! I read it but it seems a slight misteak was way overdue. Shoot!

It's the one instance I can recollect where I was caught at the crossroad where spellcheck fails to catch our lapse and steer right our blooper. Wheres my horse cents? Might I ad, it makes no sense at all. We find that when it rains, it pours! It can be very, very, cruel. This hurts you know- we'er in pain! So sorry, but I don't mince words.

I'll alter our error right away and choose "Windows" this time. You'll see we've made your change in an hour or so (or it might be in a few daze, based on whether or not I have the time).

Thank you for your aid, fair counsel, and patience. We've been weighed and found wanting. We'd be plumb off course without you. Have no fear, we'll heal in time - maybe in a week or so. Your assistance and correspondance is so very dear to us - we sense your presence. We're on your side too.

Once more, we are so intensely sorry. 

By for now. We owe you one. 

PS - I did use Spellcheck here anew and to my great surprise, no faux pas! Not one! None! Phew!


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