Men Are Bluetooth - Women Are Wi-Fi

One placard says it all...

Men Are l\Like Bluetooth...yet one more way to express the differences between Men and Woman
Men are like Bluetooth:
He is connected to you when you are nearby, but searches for other devices when you are away.

Women are like Wi-Fi:
She sees all available devices but connects to the strongest one.

Hope you don't mind the whimsy of an Orange County portrait photographer. It's not the original idea of Mark Jordan Photography, mind you, but rather a kind of variation on a theme. I was compelled to do my part to make the original more appealing - just for the fun of it...

ADDENDUM: the answer is YES, you have my permission to copy my design and forward to whomever you like. It would kind to cite where you received it, or click LIKE below or at Mark Jordan Photography.

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