Posting Portrait Price Lists Online - PART 1 of 4

Two Fundamental Pitfalls 

Common Commodities?
I am sure we've all seen a growing number of photographers post their price-lists on their websites, which to any seasoned photographer is problematic at best, and on many levels. From my perspective, the primary pitfalls, among many, are twofold.

First, posting one's cut-rate prices online serves to truncate and restrict the relationship between photographer and client - long before it ever begins. When the determining factor is built upon cost, and not value, understanding, or personal connection, the substantive glue that binds the parties together is the price - that is, any "photographer" who offers a better one.

Secondly, when price is the deciding factor, the photographer is relegated to a commodity. Nothing more - nothing less. That is, assuming that one understands the importance of the relational component of photography and cherishes the personal connection, as well as appreciates the aesthetic essence of the photographic arts and aspires to cultivate it.

Obviously then, whether or not one opts to participate in online price-posting not only depends on what sort of client one is speaking to, but primarily of what sort of "photographer" one wishes to be perceived. Let me try to explain further.

There are assumptions clients make about those who disclose their prices online (especially cut-rate ones), which I believe we all understand but rarely articulate. On the other hand, where price is not at the forefront of one's online presence, it's more than likely because the photographer feels their price is perceived by their potential clients to be more than they may have budgeted or had in mind. Thus, price is neither the focus or listed at all. Instead, a request is stated to inquire for pricing, or is left to infer.

Ergo, when the potential client's eyes are tickled by what they see, and have discretionary income to purchase the quality they've just viewed, they will be motivated to take the next step. However, before price is thoroughly discussed, I advise that some sort of relationship and demonstration of care and competence must first be demonstrated. Afterword, I prefer to volunteer pricing considerations.

This is not to say a 'call to action' is omitted from one's website. In fact, more the merrier. However, rather than begging "Here's my price-list, pleeeeeease call me...," a brief, professionally worded statement will do just fine: "We look forward to hearing from you and are excited about the opportunity to share the distinctive services we have to offer."

For instance, when I went online to locate a dentist to help me with a painful tooth... PART 2

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