Posting Portrait Price Lists Online - PART 3 of 4

For the Rice Krisper, Photo-Babble Reigns Supreme


Continued from Part 2...

As I see it, the challenge of the day is that regardless of the the detrimental reverberations from posting one's cut-rate price-lists online, for many a neophyte, they appear to be content on building their business with the ubiquitous, short-term mentality. I refer to this as the Rice Krispy Principle. For the online price-poster (aka, Rice Krisper), it's all about the snap, crackle and pop.

Firstly, photo-babble* reigns supreme for the Rice Krisper, where artistic nirvana is achieved with each manifold snap of the shutter. Plainly, the primary focus of their business model is making a quick, easy buck.

The significance of a Kripser's aesthetic expression is limited to making slight, rapidly repeated noises, resulting in shallow, surface cracks, upon upon an otherwise unfathomable reservoir of both intrinsic and financial reward.

Subsequently, they give little concern to foresight, long-term relationships, or leaving a legacy of remarkably crafted photographs. They and their customers, pop in, and they pop out. What else can it be - it's a "relationship" founded on price. How do I know? The photographer told me so when she posted her price-list online.

Where neither client relationship building or mastering the art of writing-with-light (or even creative expression) is the photographer's emphasis, nor the crux of their business plan (i.e. assuming the time has been invested to draft one), most assuredly, a Rice Krisper is at the helm.

The culprit of this mindset, you may be wondering, is none other than delayed gratification - that is, the lack of it. Is it any wonder why it is the bane of our culture and the progenitor of a host of human foibles? Who wants to wait to obtain something when they can have it today? After all, aren't we taught from the earliest stages of our life to genuflect at the alter of NOW! Whether it be food, love, or a big screen TV, it can all be had quickly, and with relatively little effort. Why would building one's business or mastering a craft be any different? What would make us believe that the enticement of creating an instantaneous digital image would be any different as well?

So then, let me ask you, what does it cost a Rice Krisper to enter the photographic marketplace? I would venture to say nothing more than an urge, a camera and a website. An aspiring Krisper can become a professional photographer and begin earning a few bucks within a few clicks of a keyboard. Whenever the price of entry is low, such as the profession of photography, there's a mad dash to decree one's profession! Today, when one's practice is routinely established by a mere digital shingle, it puts a whole new spin on the commotion of a similar gold-rush of another time. The difference is that gold has remained valuable. How long will we be able to say this about the portrait artist?

Yes, the Rice Krispers know deep in their heart-of-hearts that one reaps what they sew and that in order to realize the earnings of a brain surgeon, or dentist, one must put in the time and study as they have. However, it's the immediacy of photography that beckons them. It's all much too tempting - especially putting off today what they might enjoy to even a greater extent tomorrow...

Oddly enough, the Rice Krispers I've talked with readily defend their adverse practices and deny it is far from what they intend, but also admit they have little awareness of how they are actually being perceived by their clients. They seem to be remarkably self-deceived, priding themselves into being masterful photographers, yet all the while failing to see they have positioned themselves as a commodity instead of an expression of art (more often than not, it's because their imagery IS a commodity). And once one's business wares are appraised as a product, rather than a service, it's darn near impossible to change that position in the minds of mortals. Human brains simply aren't wired to maintain two opposing pictures - and the impression that remains is the one that first occupied their thoughts: price!

Nonetheless, if the budding Rice Krispers's vision of being a "photographer" is an emulation of... Part 4

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* photo-babble [foh-toh-bab-uhl] - noun: 1. a form of candid or portrait photography where practitioners employ jargon, buzzwords, and stereotypical language to give an impression of photographic plausibility. 2. taking an overabundance of exposures in lieu of competence, in the hopes of getting something right.
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