CHARLIE SHEEN DEAD! And Hostess Twinkies

Consider for a moment all that was going on in the world during the now infamous blip in history when Charlie Sheen was the single most hot topic: nuclear meltdown in Japan, the aftermath of Japan's tsunami and earthquake, soaring gas prices, Israel approving West Bank settlement construction, Qaddafi forces attacking Libyan rebels, battle lines being drawn in Wisconsin, and State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley being fired for criticizing the Pentagon over WikiLeaks - just to name a few.
Charlie Sheen and Hostess Twinkies
Now then, add to this list of consequential news, the breakup of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, as well as the rumor of Charlie's death. As inconceivable at it was, immediately following the Tsunami aftermath in Japan, the next two hottest search topics in America were Sheen and Biel... Even worse, the other substantial news items were nowhere to be found.
Listen folks, we've known for some time now that there is something profoundly troubling with the precipitous decline in American values, but after becoming somewhat blog savvy, and having the pulse of American interests at the fore, I've become increasingly more aware of the degree to which our culture is sliding downhill. When the pursuits and passions for C-list celebrity's far surpass the weighty matters of home and country, it's noteworthy.

So then, do I have any sort of antidote for what seems to be an ailment of no small proportion? Yes and no. No, in that no matter how I might craft my thoughts, the resulting remedy feels presumptuous. Much smarter minds than mine have amply approached this subject and yet the dial has yet to tick a single notch away from the trivial.

Yes, I formulated my thoughts, as I am sure you have, and I believe they are not too far afield. As one might expect, my solutions are heavily steeped in my Christian faith, as well as a genuine, intrinsic love for people (as one might expect from a 30+ year veteran of creating family portraits...). Regardless, prescriptions are only good as the perceived necessity and resolve. Subsequently, realistically speaking, were I to take the time to articulate my sense of things, my blog post would amount to nothing more than just so many words.

Who Is They?
If you're a browser having come to the Mark Jordan Photography Photosical blog looking for salacious details of Sheen's demise, you will be disappointed. I nearly said I was sorry, but that would be false. I know that all of American media was abuzz with all-things-Sheen, and it only seems natural, if not our cultural consumer obligation to click our heals in lockstep to their enticements. However, what they don't tell you is stupefying. But before we can examine the verity of this bold statement, the next question we must explore is, "Who is they"?

While it's easy to point fingers and vilify the voices of the culture as liars and promoters of shallowness, let's be honest: what they're selling can actually be of interest, albeit primarily for it's outlandish nature. Nevertheless, prurient or not, trying to tell the average viewer that tuning in to such superfluous scandals as Mel Gibson ranting about his marriage is of no value, is like trying to convince teenagers that sex and drugs are not all they are cracked up to be. It's a lie - and they know it.

It would appear then than that the pulpiteers who've told us the culture has delivered false promises, that such frivolous interests have nothing to offer us, have not been all together honest. Regardless of such moralizers telling us to "keep moving on, there's nothing to see here," Americans are not buying it - in greater numbers than ever before. We enjoy watching the drama of our social elite, and telling us to do otherwise has little to no effect.

Exclusion of Substance
So what's the big deal then? From my point of view, it's not so much that having an interest in the superficial pop-culture is corruptive, but rather the exclusion of substance. In other words, what's good for our nutritional wellbeing is also true for the culture - a Hostess Twinkie has it's place, but only when the body is healthy and nourished by what sustains it.

When a culture is already reeling from decade after decade of steep moral decline, "Charlie Sheen Dead" is analogous to mainlining - not particularly what the commonwealth needs to sustain itself. Such injections only serve to feed a corporeal component in our character which does little to strengthen our muscle of virtue and nobility.

To the point, they then, is both, those who advocate a life enmeshed in the likes of Hollywood gossip, and those who rail against it as pure garbage with no redeeming value. Both are extreem, and both miss the point.

You see, regardless of the reality that expressing an interest in the superficial is not detrimental in of itself, the other hard reality is that a life preoccupied in the affairs of anyone other than those who are directly within one's realm of influence (i.e. family and friends), is a life yet equipped with the fundamental elements that promote happiness.

In other words, for as much mindless fun it might be to tune into Access Hollywood, TMZ, et al, if such represents the bulk of one's diet, the only possible outgrowth is a life of emptiness.

This is who they are and what they don't tell you.

So then, if you've known someone who's ever wondered why their relationships are in the tank, the pocketbook is forever running low, can't quite figure out what's going on in the world, how is it they're feeling angry much of the time, they seem to prefer a doobie over resolving life's challenges, are chronically overweight, or they catch themselves whining about their lot in life, maybe, just maybe, they're expending their life majoring in the minors - they're subsistence is restricted primarily to Hostess Twinkies when it might be better off with a well-balanced regimen. 

For me, a balanced diet that seems to work well consists of a daily connection with God, family, friends, charity, fun, interests/hobbies, then more family, friends, charity, fun, interests/hobbies. And if I am really extraordinarily full, I just might make time for the likes of Charlie Sheen. However, I've got to be candid, the more I invest my time with matters of substance, my appetite for the exiguous is far and few in between.

Running on Empty
Consequently, if you're terribly disappointed this blog is a tiresome piece of moralizing and not an expose on Charlie Sheen, just possibly, I might suggest, you are running on empty. Hostess Twinkies has that sort of effect...


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