Seduction Of Power

Transmogrification of a Soul
-The Obama-Gollum DNA Connection-

Admittedly, term limits is not a hot topic in the minds of most Americans today. Regardless, I came across the "headshots" of two faces recently, where the resemblance of their singular expressions struck me (please note the neither of the portraits were created by my portrait studio, Mark Jordan Photography) - I was compelled to share them.
Obama - Gollum Connection? 

The first face I saw was of Gollum, from Lord of the Rings, while the other was of President Obama, from Lord of the White House.

Gollum, you might recall, was once a Hobbit. He became corrupted by the One Ring. What you may not know is that Gollum's life was extended far beyond its natural limits. The effects of possessing the Ring does this for both Hobbit and politician alike.

After pondering a bit, it then occurred to me why an across-the-board Term Limits, for every branch of government, is so vital to lifeblood of American politics today. Power and politics, like the Ring, has its redeeming qualities, but prolonged exposure to it leads to corruption.

Regardless of how good intentioned or stalwart one's character, sooner or later the susceptibilities of Washington will wheedle its pernicious tentacles into even the most resolute of virtuous souls. Add to this recipe an insatiable appetite for power, and even a one time community organizer could fall prey to its lustre.
Transmogrification of the Soul by the Seduction of Power 
Odd that Washington, the man, when offered to wear a crown, refused, shouting, “Abhorrent! Power-lust is for little fiends. A moral man does not rule, nor can he be ruled by men." 

Even more noteworthy, though Washington was the only president to ever receive 100% of electoral votes, he declined a third term. Washington knew well to eschew the seduction of power. 

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