Obamageddon - Coming Soon to a Planet Near You!

Americans know all too well that our county is suffering from an unprecedented debt load of over 16 trillion dollars - a staggering sum of over four billion dollars per day! That represents more than 3.5 Trillion in federal spending!! A budget deficit of almost 1.3 Trillion!! And to exacerbate our troubles, 23 million Americans are unemployed!!!

So sorry for all the exclamation marks - I don't mean to shout but this is scary stuff!! Oops, there I go again...
It's Cataclysmic! It's Obamageddon! - Coming Soon to a Planet Near You! 
With President Obama's keystone strategy for accelerating economic growth banking on increased expenditures, there does not appear to be anything stopping a cataclysmic free-fall. With the debt projected to reach 23 trillion in the next two presidential terms, one might say United State's addiction to spending has clearly become ecoxymoronic. 

ecoxymoronic [eh-kok-si-mohr-on-ik]
What? You've never heard of ecoxymoronic [eh-kok-si-mohr-on-ik]? To refresh your memory, it's defined as either an economic policy, or the politician who practices it (i.e. an ecoxymoron), which advocates digging a deeper hole to elevate the economy to greater heights (see Obama Administration, 2008-2012 bge.). 

I recently came across disturbing statistics in American Thinker (by K.E. Campbell), which were published in the "Report Card On Obama's First Two Years." It found that our nation, under Obama's leadership, "has accumulated national debt at a rate more than 27 times as fast as during the rest of our entire nation’s history." I believe this bears repeating: that's 27 times as fast

Let that figure just soak in a while.

Not to belabor the point, and at the risk of making you feel all the more queasy, our Hope & Change President is directly responsible for escalating taxpayer debt at a rate 27 times faster than any time in history. In case the personal significance is lost on you, that's a colossal 140 thousand dollar debt affixed to every taxpayer in America! 

If you're anything like me (of which I pray God has spared you), you may be finding it just too hard to imagine what 27-times-as-fast looks like. Thankfully, Campbell offers us a dash of insight:

  • "Metaphorically speaking, if you are driving in the right lane doing 65 MPH and a car rockets past you in the left lane 27 times faster...it would be doing 1,755 MPH!" 

I've done my homework, and at this speed Obama's spending spree would be whizzing past us at supersonic speeds of a Concord! And as disastrous as this scenario most certainly portends, the analogy does not come nearly close enough to painting the actual catastrophic picture. It's much worse than Campbell suggests. Let me explain.

Campbell's example has the average American chugging along at only 65 MPH. Honestly now, do you know anyone who tops out at 65 MPH? Not me. And considering were talking about spending on a historical scale, I don't think it's unreasonable to examine what portentous vehicular speed might be a more apt comparison.  

Putting this unparalleled spending bender in terms the typical American might better comprehend, I thought it would be helpful to compare the dizzying rate of spending to an analogous form of transportation to which we might all relate. But what? 

The first thought that came to mind was the Space Shuttle. At over 17,500 MPH, it's crazy fast! However, it's not a vehicle we can all relate to in terms of what we have experienced. Neither are other high flying considerations I'd love to employ. The SR-71B is screamin, while the X-15 Rocket Plane is hypersonic, but alas both are unrelatable for vast numbers of our population.

A typical jet airliner, on the other hand, though subsonic, is much too pedestrian for my tastes. The Bloodhound, holding the land speed record, is very exciting, but I'm thinking of a transport that is both fast yet something that more than a select few might get to experience in their lifetime.

Then it hit me - high speed rail! It's down to earth, not too fast at its touted maximum of 250 MPH, and any American with a yen for rail could opt to come aboard.

So then, here we are in our ultra modern, sleek and sexy, Mercury high speed train. We're cruising along at around 367 feet per second, when suddenly we notice an approaching object - it appears to be a ball of fury and flame. Skipping through the earth's atmosphere at a rate of 27 times faster than we're traveling, the object overtaking us would indeed be a red ball of fire. 

Before a meteor enters the earth's atmosphere it's a meteoroid, traveling at a minimum of 25,000 miles per hour. As it plunges earthbound, friction slows it down to about 2 miles per second - a mere 7,000 miles per hour. Were this blazing orb to rocket pass you 27 times faster than you while traveling on high speed rail, it would clock in at also 7,000 MPH! A close enough comparison to a Meteor blazing its fiery trail across the sky.

What scares me the most is that by the time the Obameteor is in view, it'll be too late to react. It's racing toward us at over 10,000 feet per second! Considering objects are resolvable by the naked eye from a distance of just under 2 miles, by the time you've gotten a hint that the approaching cataclysm is closing, it's already upon you and done. That's two miles traversed in a mere second, giving you just enough time to shout "Oh Sh...!" Such is the nature of the Obameteor.

Listen folks, all clowning aside, America is on an unsustainable path of unrestrained and negligent spending. It can and will destroy the United States. The devastating debt crisis is not only coming, it's here! It's looming overhead, just out of eyesight and hurtling our way faster than we presumably have the ability to imagine, not to mention respond.

We're swiftly approaching a gargantuan tsunami of debt that threatens America with a fiscal Obamageddon - the likes of which our Republic has ever experienced! It's not a matter of if it will hit, but when.

On the outside chance you're failing to consider what's also abundantly evident to me - this calamitous pending binge far eclipses the much maligned and not too frugal Bush administration! Obama's deficit spending represents an astronomical increase of roughly 571%! Yes, I know this is a hard pill to swallow, but reality can be such a unexpected poke in the eye...

Logically then, it would seem, if Bush's spending was so horrendous that it gave Obama's supporters justification to reject McCain out of hand (being portrayed as a successor to Bush's policies), why would spending at a rate 27 times as fast as during the rest of our entire nation’s history not be reason enough to do likewise to the current Squanderer-In-Chief?

Besides blogging, there's not much else I can to but watch and see if Americans continue to suffer masochism kindly or believe a new direction is justified. For my part, I appeal to your rational mind and compassionate heart: please, be selfish, do what's in the best interest for the country you love. Obamageddon is coming - your vote can fling it careening away.

The clock is ticking...

Mark Jordan
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