Ryan Beats Biden by KO

The early moments of the fight set the pace for the entire match. The back-and-forth action between Biden and Ryan was arguably the most evenly fought display by the two political stalwarts. Biden started by jabbing away left and left combinations, while Ryan displayed his skills of weaving and ducking at everything thrown at him.

Just before 30 seconds had elapsed, you'd think that Biden's uppercuts and body shots to Ryan's midsection would have caught him off guard and stumbling. However, even amid the sucker punches and headbutts Ryan stood tall and maintained his game plan. As much as the audience had anticipated the referee, Martha Raddatz, stopping the fight and talking to Biden about the low blows and pushing, it became apparent the fix was in.

As the middle stages of the round came about, Ryan began to grab hold of Biden as a strategy to fend off his repeated attempts to draw near for body attacks, keeping him at bay. Then, as Biden swung one wild left hook after another, Ryan leaned in to his right and laid a glove him - and that's all it took. Ryan was declared the winner by KO (kid-glove obliteration).
Nice Old Joe Biden Greets Paul Ryan ready to Box, while Ryan treats Biden with Kid Gloves.
2012 Vice Presidential Debate 
Boxing metaphors aside, though the polls are fairly close as to which candidate won the the 2012 Vice Presidential Debate, the majority of them, as well as media talking heads, give the advantage decisively to GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan. Regardless, some theorize that Vice President Joe Biden also "won" by energizing the Democratic base after the calamitous Oct. 3 presidential debate. The consensus is that Biden's demeanor was a strategy not to win the debate but rather to resuscitate morale. 

The first poll out that foreshadowed bad news for Biden was put out by CNN (no friend to Republicans). Their quick poll of registered voters found that 48 percent cited Ryan was the winner, while 44 percent cited Biden took the night. More importantly, a whopping 60% of CNN’s respondents said Ryan was presidential, and 53% saw him as more likable.

Another bastion of the Democrat party, CNBC, published their poll that showed 56% declared Ryan the winner, while only 36 thought Biden won it.

A majority of CNN’s panel of 31 self-described undecided Virginia voters said Ryan offered the better vision for the future, while Biden was seen as more empathetic.

The most definitive poll in Biden's favor, was the CBS poll (as expected). 50% of their 431 “uncommitted" voters gave victory to Biden, while 31% said Ryan won. I assume the other 19% gave it to the moderator, Martha Raddatz, who seemed to be firmly seated in Biden's corner. Regardless, CBS voters’ said Ryan passed their basic expectations, with 75 percent of the respondents saying Ryan is knowledgeable, and 48 percent saying he is relatable.

As to how each political party weighed in on the fight, both parties are claiming victory. GOP's Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, said, “The momentum stayed on our side, and that’s what we wanted." Priebus also echoed the sentiments of a larage majority of polled respondents who stated Biden's "rudeness" failed to convince them. His continuous interrupting, smirking, and "disrespectful" behavior was even more off-putting for females and independents.

However, sharing the belief that Biden was successful in restoring Democratic morale (after Mitt Romney’s shellacking on President Barack Obama) Paul Begala, a far-left Democratic strategist stated Biden “accomplished his strategic task."

Even father to the left than Begala, activist Van Jones said, “I was proud to be a Democrat. ... Democrats really needed this performance. … he energized his base.”

CNN’s Gloria Borger, also felt that Biden succeeded because “he righted the ship,” referring to the Oct. 3 presidential debate where Romney's decisive win, stunned and demoralized the Democratic base.

However, Borger also added that Biden’s demeanor was “condescending,” coinciding with comments from many GOP proponents and Romney supporters.

Even Democrats were forced to compliment a conspicuous noteworthy performance by Ryan’s performance, saying he was presidential, informed, reassuring and likable.

Summary, rude, bombastic bullying was overcome by respectful, restrained character. 

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