The Single Cell of Life

The Single Cell of Life

Were scientists to discover a single cell in a distant galaxy, what do you suppose they would proclaim they found? Life. Why is it then that a single cell residing in a mother's womb not proclaimed the same? Mark Jordan

While I've got you here, I thought to enclose a few more of my personal musings, which, though my kids are tired of hearing, they promise to be new to you: 

• Those who believe in miracles are forever mindful they are one.

• The fullness of God is most transformative in those who see the emptiness in everything else.

• It's been said that the two ways to get enough out of life are to either accumulate more or desire less. I propose a third: be content with what you have while polling the other two.

• A brighter tomorrow begins the moment yesterday is dimmed. 

• Marvel at the everyday moments of years past you'll see that the treasures for which you toiled were yours all the time. 

• Since the person observed in your mirror is at best an illusion, why not identify the attributes you wish most to behold and then grow into them?

• FUTILITY: trying to love others without believing how profoundly precious you are to God.

• FORESIGHT: cherishing what you have while you have it - not when it's gone. 

Should you be interested in reading more, and to quote a star from a long gone era, Jimmy Durante, "I've got a million of them..."

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