Romney Wins Landslide Victory!

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Just because the drive-by media had exhaustively ignored America's abhorrence for President Obama (i.e. his policies), it doesn't mean it did not exist.

More importantly, it would appear they did not account for how the country's repulsion of Obama would so heavily influence the election results. A costly miscalculation on their part.

Considering the media's complicity in fending off Romney's brilliant campaign, one might argue it was a forced error.

The single most commanding muscle in state politics is also a force that's hard to reckon with in national elections: Governorships!

If history is any indication, we only have to look back a short four years ago where in 2008 Democrats held and overpowering lead in governorships. Obama won handily. This was not the case in today's election - Republicans control the majority of governorships. This was never more relevant than where John Kasich brought home the coveted 18 delegates from Ohio.

Americans have grown tired of liberal solutions to worsening economic woes. I learned recently that subsequent to the 2010 census, states which tend to lean Republican (i.e. Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, Texas and Utah), added electoral votes to their totals. Conversely, states that tilted left (i.e. Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey and New York), shed electoral votes. To wit, Romney's threshold to garner 270 is lower than it was or McCain, affording him a greater opportunity to win.

What came a surprise to me was Romney's ability to keep pace with the Obama fundraising juggernaut. This was no small feat. While controversy surrounds the Obama camp regarding shady contributions (not least of which is criminal foreign donors), Romney has been effective at staying above the fray. While the Obama coffers ran low during the crucial last two weeks of the campaign, Romney easily outspent Obama, making his presence felt all the more in the crucial swing states.

Next, and is what I predicted would occur, my fellow Christians showed up! Mind you, we Christians do not offend easily. There's a reason why Christianity is the Timex religion - we take a lickin and keep on tickin (paraphrase of Jesus' directive to 'turn the other cheek').

However, I don't think there has ever been a president any more antagonistic to Christians than Obama. Consequently, Christians turned out in record numbers. Lest you make more of my prediction than warranted, we only had to look back a few short months ago where America saw longs lines around Chick-fil-A restaurants in support of the founder's comment, Dan Cathy, in support of traditional marriage. This was a sign of things to come; all because Obama single handedly motivated Christians with his hostility toward them.

Romney Wins 2012 Presidential Election - Landslide Victory!! Well, Only In A Conservative's Dream

Another factor in Romney's win was this year's purging of felons and illegal aliens from voter rolls. It's a sad commentary on the ilk of constituent who the Democrats can always count on to cast a vote for their candidates, but it's a distinction - ignominious at that. This recent purge was especially helpful for Romney in both Florida and Ohio. With Democrats not showing in numbers at the polls, and then no longer being able to rely on felons and illegals to carry the load, it's no wonder Romney won the prize.

Then there's the "Eager Element." In Ohio alone, 120,000 more Republicans turned out for the early vote (Obama won by 340,000 in 2008, with 155,000 fewer this year). This was not a small swing in Romney's favor. While Romney supporters attended his rallies with numbers into the tens of thousands requiring news crews to employ wide angle lenses to cover them, not only was Obama's crowds anemic, coverage of his rallies consisted of telephoto closeups to obscure the fact than Obama's "Hope & Change" mantra had lost it's luster. Romney's enthused and animated troops (conservatives, independents, middle class white voters) were in direct contrast to the discouraged and vanquished crowds drawn by Obama. Not to mention we can all cite friends who changed their vote from Obama in 2008 to Romney in 2012, but I cannot think of a single McCain supporter who voted for Obama this time around.

For my last point I must once again rely on history. What have we learned how the great undecided respond on election day? That's right, when push comes to shove, they roll in the direction of the challenger. Just like Reagan did to Carter in 1980, Romney proved with his superior debating skills that both independents and the undecided could trust their collective futures to the challenger. I believe this was one of the most significant factors in putting Romney over -----------

Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep - didn't intend to alarm you, but it's time to wake as the living nightmare begins.

Mark Jordan
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