DUMB Redefined by Seattle Seahawks

Inches away from the endzone the Seattle Seahawks inexplicably threw the ball from the half-yard line. With 25 seconds left on the play-clock, the ball was intercepted by the New England Patriots, who won the Super Bowl 28-24.

It's one of the wackiest endings, to an otherwise hard fought game, in Super Bowl history.
DUMB redefined by Seattle Seahawks - 2015 Super Bowl
Seattle Seahawks called for a slant to Ricardo Lockette, but Russell Wilson's toss was picked off by Malcolm Butler, putting an abrupt end to Seahawks hopes for a back-to-back Super Bowl win.

Football fans worldwide are dumbfounded by the play call. Considering the Seahawks are THE best running team in the NFL, it strains one's mental faculties why they put the ball in the air with the game on the line from a foot away.

When Pete Carroll was asked why he risked redefining DUMB, he stated, "We didn't want to run against their goal line group." He instead will go down as making the single most brainless call in the history of the Super Bowl.

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