iPad REPORT: Hightest Scoring Poduct Ever Tracked

For all the cynics out there who have been carping at the heals of Apple's introduction of the iPad, it looks as though the naysaying has been definitively muffled - well, at least for the near future.  


A just released report from the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (a study which was prepared in association with the University of Michigan) cites that the iPad has received the "highest-score" of any product, which a major consumer satisfaction index has ever measured. This has to be great news not only for iPad consumers, but a huge boost to an already burgeoning Apple investor.

If interested in reading more, I've provided the link above.

Oh, why don't I yet own an iPad? Well, I am the sort who stays on top of new products but waits until the non-delayed gratifiers work out the bugs, possibly drive the price down, and encourage the maker to include a few more features. I would imagine that will put my purchase date sometime around next May.