The Traveler

The Traveler is none other than my close friend and travel agent extraordinaire, Steve Shulem, of Strictly Vacations. After a rousing time in the Bahamas, this image was created while heading back to our ship (Oceania's newest flagship, Marina). For once, Steve's penchant for walking far ahead was fortuitous. 

The Traveler – ©Mark Jordan Photography
As I lagged behind while rushing to our ship just moments before the gangplank was retracted, I noticed the silhouette of Steve walking into the setting sun. I called his name, he turned slightly, and I captured this extraordinary moment. 
Obviously, capturing this exposure was the just the beginning of the creative process. A few hours in Photoshop, along with my trusty software, OnOne, helped to give this image all the power and energy I had in mind. 

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