Three Quick Questions Regarding Three Obama Scandals

Unless you've been hibernating in a cave or are a card-carrying member of the Clueless Majority (i.e. the typical American), you most likely are aware of three current scandals rocking the Obama White House. Here's a quick reminder, just in case:

Cover-up of terrorist attacks in the Libyan town of Benghazi which left an America ambassador dead, as well as an officer/aide and two Navy SEALs.

2. IRS
Federal employees intentionally targeting conservative political groups.

3. DOJ
Attorney General, Eric Holder, personally sanctioning the secret appropriation of telephone records of journalists at the Associated Press (AP) news agency while hunting for the source of leaks about a failed al-Qaeda attack.

If you are having trouble remembering the three controversies, simply think BID as in these scandals are fundamentally about the BIDDING of the Obama White House. 

THREE QUICK QUESTIONS Regarding Three Obama Scandals

1. Of the reported offenses, which has the potential for greater calamitous consequences?
a. Republican exploitation of Obama wrongdoing?
b. Obama White House overreach of unchecked power?

2. What is the focus of the Main Stream Media?
a. The possibility of Republican's taking political advantage?
b. Rigorous coverage of the three Obama White House Scandals?

3. Why is the Main Stream Media spinning the Three Obama Scandals into fear of Republican opportunism rather than the gravity of Democratic corruption?

Though I have my guesses, I would much more prefer to hear your point of view?

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