DIRTY LOOPS - Jaw Dropping Powerhouse

DIRTY LOOPS: Henrik Linder - Jonah Nilsson - Aaron Mellergardh
Dirty Loops is a Swedish powerhouse trio who had my jaw dropping and heart pounding from the first pop of Aaron's deep pocket snare and Henrik's melodic bass slap, to Jonah's mellifluous vocals and keyboard calisthenics. They're an explosive transfusion of jazz, funk, and pop, guaranteed to grapple your soul while eliciting serious face scrunching.

The last time I became so transfixed with a sound upon first hearing was Steely Dan's Aja - and that was way back in 1977! They have singlehandedly given me hope for the future generation of musicians and the music industry. Not to mention Jonah's voice rivals that of Stevie Wonder. Whaaaat?

While Dirty Loops is a cover band, transforming insipid pop tunes from Bieber and Spears to Gaga into fusion classics, they are currently sequestered in their studio, writing their debut album. Will they be ready for prime time? We'll soon hear.

Enough words, I want you to listen.


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POSTSCRIPT: I appreciate the wonderful compliments for the Dirty Loop headshot portraits, however, neither did I, Mark Jordan Photography or Orange County Headshots create the headshots. I would have loved to photograph these guys, but it wasn't me. As finicky as I am, the headshots are not that bad at all. Though the diffusion is a little much for my tastes and would have preferred a more cutting edge interpretation (emblematic of their music), I like the expressions, positioning and feel. Nice work.  

Henrik Linder - Bass
Aaron Mellergardh - Drums
Jonah Nilsson: vocals, keyboards, songwriter, arranger, producing.