Heart - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center Honors

Led Zeppelin, from left, keyboardist/bassist John Paul Jones, singer Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page,
stand as the Star Spangled Banner is played during the Kennedy Center Honors Gala at the Kennedy
Center in Washington, Sunday, Dec. 2, 2012. (Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP)

Before I was "Mark Jordan Photography," I was in many a rock band. Any rock band at the time was not worth its salt if its repertoire did not include Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. Our's certainly did, along with a few other Zeppelin hits. Thus is why, after seeing them being honored at the Kennedy Center, I had to post Heart's version of the rock classic.

After decades of horrendous renditions of Stairway to Heaven, finally one that is worthy of Zeppelin's venerated vintage tune. To be candid, I had grown so tired of Stairway I thought my days of ever volitionally playing, let alone bystander listening, were over for all eternity. However, when Nancy and Ann Wilson of Heart step out onto the stage in front the Kennedy audience and the honorees, Led Zeppelin, I had a sense that something extraordinary was about to happen.

If you have yet to take a listen, you're in for something very special. As much as I did not want to cry, I could not help myself. For me, it was that powerful. I'm sure in the mix was a bit nostalgia for my youth at play as well. Regardless, sit back and enjoy Stairway to Heaven as you've not heard it played before.

Oh, on a side note, following is what one commenter, Tim Gerwing or Vancouver, British Columbia, wrote in regards to how singers best express song vocally. I thought you'd find interesting:

"Singers take note: *this* is how you serve a song. Unlike so many modern singers, she doesn't demand that we see how emotional she is. She does not make the song the vehicle for her self-aggrandizement, but does exactly the opposite. Why do the tears flow? Because The Song is The Gift, and she is, in this moment, The Giver, not a taker. Bravo (more: 7/40 Emoting in music)

Amen brother.

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