Barack Obama Coverups

With Jimmy Carter no longer recognized as the worst president in American history, Barack Obama makes his new venture official by opening a chain of woman's clothing boutiques, appropriately named "Coverups."
Lest we forget the biggest and most diverse cover-ups in American history, following is a list of Barack Obama's more egregious scandals. As of this post the whitewashing is ongoing, none have been fully investigated or exposed, and no one has been held accountable regardless of Obama's vociferous yet vacuous avowals.
Benghazi - Four Americans Killed by Terrorists, Obama Blames Video
Fast & Furious - Gunning Running Sting, Terry Killed, Holder Stonewalling
AP- DOJ Hacking Telephone Records of Associated Press
Census Bureau - Election Scandal, Manipulated Job Numbers Before Election
Internal Revenue - Deliberately Targeting Conservative Organizations
EPA - Abuses, Funds Bankrupt Green Companies While Harassing Energy Companies
HHS & Obamacare - Americans Lose Their Doctors - Sebelius Illegal Fundraising
NSA - Spying and Data Mining of Americans
Afghanistan - Prison Release of Jihadists Without Notifying Congress
Veteran's Administration - Altering Medical Records & Withholding Medical Care
Bowe Bergdahl - 5 Guantanamo Bay Taliban Traded Without Notifying Congress
Immigration - Illegal Immigrant Children Tsunami
Iraq Disaster - Bush's Secured Iraq Collapses On Obama's Watch
Isis Crises - Barack Plays Golf While Isis Takes Over Syrian Territories
Domestic Policy - Broken Promises, Unmet Expectations & Failed Results
Foreign Policy - Broken Promises, Unmet Expectations & Failed Results
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