Weinergate - Weiner Resigns

Weiner "can't say with certitude" that lewd photo isn't of him.
"To be clear," he said, "the picture was of me and I sent it."
"I resign for my errors in judgement." My prediction. 

Weinergate Photo - Rep. Anthony Weiner's  Weinergate
Representative Anthony D. Weiner, an influential Democrat who had been considered a leading candidate to be the next mayor of New York City, said Thursday that he was resigning from Congress following revelations of lewd online exchanges with several women. 

So, I called it a day early. Regardless, not too terribly bad for a mere photographer. 

So concludes a chapter in another fallen politician. Personally, I take no pleasure in witnessing the wholesale destruction of another, but I do rejoice when America is less diminished by the removal of those who would cause to sully it, inadvertently or otherwise. Enough said. 

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Following is my original post and addendums.   

Congressman Anthony Weiner's Twitter page sent out a lewd Weiner photo last Friday, May 27, of which Congressman Weiner swiftly deleted. He then announced to the world that his Twitter account had been hacked. Unfortunately for Weiner, he made the ginormous mistake of following up his hasty Tweet deletion by giving a press conference. Well, it wouldn't have been a such a colossal boner were Weiner actually blameless for Tweeting his Weiner pic throughout the internet (to a young woman, no less). 

To make matters worse, Weiner's defense served to make him look only more guilty. A CNN reporter (yes, you read that right, even a CNN reporter was not buying anything Weiner was selling) grilled the newly married Congressman and at one point asked Weiner directly: "Did you send the picture or not?" Weiner's answer has to be one of the worst political discombobulations of all time. Thus, America is exposed to yet another "gate" scandal, Weiner-Gate and the Weinergate photos.

I don't know about you, but wouldn't you think one would know the whereabouts of photographs they did nor did not take in regards to posing in one's briefs? Especially so when the image in question also reveals the man in an state of arousal?   

Considering Weiner is the same man who vociferously decried a fellow civil servant who emailed an image of himself without a shirt, it's stupefying he appears to be so blind in applying the same standard to himself. It makes for political fodder that will be interesting to watch unfold. 

In case you're wondering, I've purposefully not attached the actual WeinerGate photo here in my blog. Not that I am offended but rather it defeats the purpose of my silly rendition...

Obviously, we do have more pressing issues in our country, however, it is an amusing distraction. Besides, what better use of my precious time that to employ my Photoshop skills creating political satire.

Weiner admits the explicit photo was indeed his. "To be clear," he said, "the picture was of me and I sent it." Weiner says that that conversations that he has had online were "a very dumb thing to do. And it was a destructive thing to do But it wasn't any part of a plan to hurt my life. Or to be deceitful to [the public]. It wasn't part of a plan... But if you are looking for some sort of deep explanation for it I don't have one for you."

In case your interested, I've attached a video clip from YouTube where Anthony Weiner, in a shocking press conference, admits to conducting online relationships with six women over the past three years, and that he did indeed tweet a photo of himself to a woman in Seattle.

ADDENDUM 6-12 -11
Considering the volatile nature of this never ending controversy, until something definitive transpires or Weiner resigns, this will be the final addendum. My sense of things is that he will resign by mid week, most likely on Wednesday. I know it's fashionable to wait till Friday evening, but with with his own party bailing on him, it seems the prudent response is to pull the plug sooner than later. Regardless of when Weiner resigns, that he will resign is a forgone conclusion. 

ADDENDUM 6-26-11
Weiner Bumper Stickers We May Now Never See. 

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