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If your anything like me when it comes to being subjected to theater movie trailers (which I pray God has saved you), you close your eyes and repetitively pulsate your ears with alternating left and right ear index fingers while humming The Battle Hymn of the Republic. I don't want to know ANYTHING about any movie. Nothing.

Super 8 - better times, filming Zombie movie at a train station.

Not only am I a huge proponent of delayed gratification, I derive the greatest satisfaction by experiencing a film as it unfolds. No expectations. No preconceived notions. Though no one in my family shares my passion, they do give me ample space and allow me to sit by myself... 

Super 8 - the catalyst: yes, behind the light is a locomotive.
Super 8 is one of those movies where the trailer honors the compulsion of people like me to be kept in the dark. Sure, there are just enough explosions, flashes of terror and fanciful anomalies to grab our attention and whet our collective appetites. But beyond that, the trajectory of this tale has been sealed tighter than _____________________ (fill in with any one of multiple parallels with the Obama Administration).

Super 8 - it's amazing what mayhem a 50 year old truck can cause hitting a train head-on.
So then, now that the summer's most highly anticipated blockbuster has finally arrived, what it's all about? 

Super 8 - Knock-Knock, Something Wants to Come Out and Play!
This being opening night I am not about to give anything away. However, I can share the basic plot line while being mindful that there might be a reader or two who share my penchant for being left in the dark.

Super 8 - Hmmm, It Appears Everyone in Town is Missing Their Dog
The story is set in a small town in Ohio in 1979, not unlike the one I was born. Not being able to find Lillian, Ohio in any map, it's safe to say it is fictional. 

Our story takes shape as a group of teenaged friends are out one fateful night filming a Super 8 zombie move around their town. While staging a scene at a train station they witness a catastrophic train crash. Amazingly, the escape without a scratch. 
Super 8 - Dragged Down the Aisle.
Super 8 - Unexplained Phenomena begin to happen.
It doesn't take long for our intrepid teens to suspect that the train wreck was not an accident. It doesn't help that the government moves into town, barking orders, and strange phenomena's begin to occur. It's one thing to be alarmed with the disappearance of the townspeople, but when all the dogs run away, it surely portends for confusion and impending horror. 

Super 8 - This can't be good.
As one would expect, our inquisitive kids buck up and decide that they must investigate. If their town and themselves are to survive, it's going to be up to them to resolve the mystery tormenting their fair city.

 Their discovery leads them to something inhuman. Super 8!

Is it worth your time?  For me, and my two kids who accompanied me, it is an enthusiastic thumbs up, and then some. Super 8 is what movie going is all about. It does not disappoint on any level, and may deliver too much for some, both in extreme, unexpected jumps and occasional schmaltz.

Super 8 - Our Intrepid TeensFrom left, Gabriel Basso, Ryan Lee, Joel Courtney and Riley Griffiths 

I'm not much for sentimentality in a such themes, so was put off by a bit of corn toward the closing scenes. However, other than that (and teenagers who can be both a pleasure and frustration), I could not recommend it more. The acting is sound, the direction it first rate, and the imagery and lighting was made to order for photographers like myself.

Super 8 - Wouldn't you like to know... From left: Kyle Chandler, Joel Courtney, Elle Fanning and Ron Eldard
If you were looking for a more detailed review, sorry, this is one story where revealing even the smallest slice might possibly reveal the whole. Not gonna happen. Go expecting a roller coaster ride, replete with loops, free falls, spin outs, drops, speed and clammer - you're gong to have a blast. 

Oh, be sure to sit around during the credits. There's a fun little ditty that's worth getting to the parking lot a little later.
5 Lens
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