Relatively Speaking

The Language of Music, Relative Speaking ©2015

Facebook meme of Albert Einstein
posted by fellow musician, 
Samuel Oliver Scott.
The Language of Music, Relatively Speaking was motivated by a post I saw on Facebook by a fellow musician, Samuel Oliver Scott. Though I had seen it before, something about it struck me differently. 

The thought occurred to me that many things in life are indeed relative, which segued into thinking about the relative keys in music. Voilà, E Major's  relative minor C#. Of course.

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In music, relative keys are the major and minor scales that have the same key signatures. A pair of major and minor scales sharing the same key signature are said to be in a relative relationship. The relative minor of a particular major key, or the relative major of a minor key, is the key which has the same key signature but a different tonic. Relative keys are closely related keys, the keys between which most modulations occur, in that they differ by no more than one accidental (none in the case of relative keys).