The "Soup Nazi" of Search Engines • Part 1 of 3

Though client reviews are posted throughout the web, I recently discovered that what can be present today, can be gone in a flash, tomorrow. This happened when Google was challenged with software issues and suddenly Mark Jordan Photography no longer existed. Not a good thing to happen to a business that relies on being visible on the web.

As you may or may not know, Google's idea of customer service (an oxymoron of monumental proportions), is a phone number with a voice recording apologizing they "do not offer live customer support at this time." As if they are so financially burdened and that the available workforce is so scant that they simply cannot either afford or find qualified individuals to field simple questions from their customers. Questions like, "Why does my business no longer exist on the web?"

Now then, to be more exact, and most vital to my portrait studio, all my client reviews vanished! No joke! Gone. E v a p o r a t e d. Lost in cyberspace to who knows where. I don't know what this would do to your constitution, but mine was under assault! 

Considering that the number one reason new clients cite for calling my photography studio is because of the outstanding reviews, that Google lost them was not a small issue. From my perspective, it was catastrophic! And, as I have just expressed, there is literally not a soul to contact to inquire as to either what happened to them or when things will be put right again. 

It wasn't until days later when I began to read of this disaster occurring to thousands of other businesses all across the country that I could sleep again. It was a huge relief just knowing that I at least did not in some innocent way rankle the impenetrable armor of the celestial Google-godhead, and was blacklisted into oblivion. Don't laugh, I've heard it happen. One day you're in your in Google's good graces, and the next, it's no-google-for-you! Their the veritable Soup-Nazis of the internet. 

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