KATY PERRY PHOTOS - Last Friday Night Video

Katy Perry, looking more like when I first met her, in her pubescent years, than the star she is today.
I came across this crazy video today of Katy Perry, Last Friday Night, and it reminded of the first time I met Katy way back when she actually looked something like the caricature in her video.
Katy Perry - The Morning After, Wakes to Men In Her Boudoir
Actually, my recollections of Katy are foggy, at best. We didn't speak much other than the obligatory pleasantries of the day. I first met Katy at her small, but well kept home in Santa Barbara, where she lived with her parents (nice enough folk).

The Perry house was nestled directly behind my best bud's home, at the end of a long and narrow driveway. A grass courtyard, all of maybe twenty yards, was all the separated the Shulem's living room window and the yellow curtains of Katy's upstairs bedroom.

As to the interaction between Katy and me? It primarily consisted of me relocating my car so that Katy could navigate in and out of the shared driveway. That's about it. Oh, there were times when spending the night at my friend's home where I could not sleep for the pounding of Katy's speakers, and I want to throw a brick or two through her window...
Katy Perry - Getting a Lip Wax 
Besides blasting music, Katy was a sweet enough girl, but nothing out of the ordinary. There wasn't a hint about her that would have led me to believe she'd become the superstar she is today. But again, I don't know how much one can glean about a person from:
KATY: Hi, how are you? Can you move your car please for my mom & dad (I don't think she was driving yet).
ME: Sure, no problem. Let me get my keys.
KATY: Thank you so much.
ME: So how you today?
KATY: Just fine. Visiting for the weekend?
ME: Yes, having a wild weekend with the Shulems.
KATY: Thank you again.
ME: No problem. Make it a great day.
KATY: Bye.
MARK: Toodles.

Well, all except the "toodles" (just seeing if you're awake), that was about the extent of my relationship with Katy Perry. Frankly, had she not arose to superstardom status, I wouldn't doubt that our little exchanges would have faded into oblivion. In fact, were it not for Steve reminding me of her along the way, I would have most certainly forgotten all about Katy long ago.

Katy Perry - Her Alter Ego Comes Alive 
Oh, one more memory just hit me. I do recall that my buddy, Steve, who is Jewish, would often remark that between the Perry's and me (both of us being Evangelical Christians), he felt that God had him surrounded! Though he'd share his thoughts in jest, Steve had this far off look in his eyes as if there was more to the arrangement than just mere coincidence. I think there was, but what do I know?

As of this post, I am uncertain if Katy has maintained her faith. Her videos would seem to belie this, but by no means would I even consider for a second to venture into those judgmental waters.
Katy Perry in Last Friday Night - Getting Her Tush Pinched 
Who would of thunk that we were witnessing the pubescent stages of a superstar? Had I know, I would, I wouldn't have done anything different (except maybe given her a Mark Jordan Photography business card...).
Katy Perry Reliving the "Highlights" of Her Friday Night on Social Media 

Katy Perry Reliving the "Highlights" of Her Friday Night on Social Media
Considering Katy's latest video is trending into the the tens of millions, and I have some connection, as far removed as it might be from her awareness (or mine for that matter), it occurred to me that I could provide yet another portal for seekers to view, while drawing a wee bit of attention to my blog site. Maybe I am not as dumb as I look. 

Just in case I forgot to mention it, Mark Jordan photography creates family portrait photography in Orange County, CA. Though I have to see Katy in my Orange County portrait studio, there's no reason that might not occur. If so, I'll be sure to add Katy's portraits here. 

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