The Trump Vote Enabler!

Obviously, I am not a fan of Donald Trump. Why? For me, it's about character

In 1998, when my then seven year old daughter asked me, "Daddy, what's a blow job," I realized at that moment not only how the defects of our elected officials can affect us Americans right in our very home, but how vital it is for us to elect leaders who best epitomize principled character – a person who lives in such a way that we are proud their honorable lifestyle is imparted to our children. 

In short, Trump does not exhibit the exemplary character traits that I admire, nor would I want his attitudes and uncivil way of expressing his perspectives be adopted by my children, let alone our nation.

Mind you, Hillary Clinton's conduct is equally, if not more, odious. Both she and Trump reside at the bottom of the proverbial barrel – though this particular container appears to be more contaminated than most. 

However, when the stratum of scum is microscopically peeled away, Trump is located a few layers higher from the nethermost. And being a proponent of the principle of "the lesser of two evils," I am bound to cast my vote for Trump – as distasteful as that is. 

To wit, if you are anything like me and feel duty-bound to vote in presidential elections, you just might require assistance this cycle in casting your ballot. Both options are a tough, tough, call. Regardless, since our choice is between suffering from a greater loss of freedoms or enduring a bombastic, vainglorious trumpeter, I have to go with the latter. 

I trust my Trump Vote Enabler® will give you the courage to step out, turn out, and do what needs to be done. With any luck it will only be four years...right?

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