The ONLY Reason to Vote for Trump

Max Learner once said, "When you choose the lesser of two evils, always remember that it is still an evil." For those weighing the candidates dealt for the upcoming 2016 presidential election, the consequences of their vote could prove less malignant were they to heed such learned counsel.

For me, the choice between America's two evils is not about which presidential candidate has the potential of doing more good, but rather which will leave less carnage behind. Considering the contrasting defects between Trump and Clinton can be summed up as the bombastic bully versus the criminal-in-waiting, I'm convinced the choice is as clear as Hillary's email servers.  

While one can only imagine what could become of America in the hands of a spectacularly corrupt, career politician (married to an impeached president and perennial philander, no less), I think it's a safer bet to hand the button to spectacularly successful businessman, regardless of his equally spectacular intractable behavior. 

The ONLY reason to vote for Trump is that he is repairable – Clinton is not.

Listen folks, we're up the proverbial creek without a paddle any way you look at it. However, don't you think it's wiser to trust America's challenges to a person who's mastered the art of the deal versus a serial scoundrel who's mastered the art of the steal

Either way, the country is in for one heck of a ride. Regardless, at the end of four years of Trump, even at his worse, the weight of his ego will amount to nothing more than a flat tire. It's repairable and America will be on the road again, recovering quickly. 

However, there are disastrous ramifications for sanctioning a consummate gangster. Hillary will place a burden on our country so great that it will rupture our economy, tear our constitution to shreds, and make recovery a multi-decade proposition, if ever.

To wit, come this November, when contemplating which candidate will earn your vote, you need recall ONLY one reason you're going to reject the politician and vote for the businessman: Trump is repairable – Clinton is not

Simply jot down this helpful axiom and carry it with you in the voting booth. The country and I thank you.

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